Form Management - Overview

The Form Management functionality provides a fast, intuitive user interface (UI) that allows administrators to create forms to support self-service. Forms can be utilized for requesting changes to User Record data, which is routed through pre-configured approval workflows. Once all approvals are granted, the requested changes are automatically reflected on the User Record.

Administrators can build forms based on the organization’s needs, by including OUs, Standard and Custom Fields. To support the self-service request with additional information, Question Bank fields can be added to provide additional information related to change. Administrators can pre-populate fields with existing User Record information, set fields to read-only, or as mandatory.

Users can initiate forms, for example, changing their home address, or Managers can start forms for their subordinates, for example, in cases of termination. Additionally, administrators can assign forms to users by creating form tasks. These tasks are automatically assigned to the users selected to receive the task.

The Form Management features are part of the employee onboarding process. This process also includes the ability to create onboarding workflows. Workflows are used to manage the onboarding process by creating various tasks, such as filling out forms, which are then completed and submitted by new and transitioning employees.

You can perform the following tasks in Form Management:


Forms are available to organizations that are using Onboarding or Cornerstone HR. For information on Training Forms, select the following link: See Training Forms Administration.

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Updating the personal contact details

Using the Form Management functionality, the HR administrator builds a form with the relevant address and contact Standard fields and makes the form available for all employees to select.

Use Case 2: Updating the bank account details

The HR administrator creates bank account-related Custom fields, builds the form, and publishes the form so that it is available for the relevant group of employees.