Form Management - Overview

The Form Management functionality provides a fast, intuitive user interface (UI) that allows administrators to create detailed forms that meet the needs of the organization. Administrators create questions in the Question Bank are used on a variety of forms. Within the Manage Forms functionality, administrators create and manage the forms that are assigned to users or that users can search for and complete on their own. With the Form Task functionality, administrators assign forms to users by creating form tasks. The tasks are automatically assigned to the users who are selected to receive the task. Users complete the form included in the task, and then submits the form for completion.

The Form Management features are part of the employee onboarding process. This process also includes the ability to create onboarding workflows. The workflows are used by organizations to manage the onboarding process by creating various tasks, such as filling out forms, which are then completed and submitted by new and transitioning employees.


Forms are available to organizations that are using Onboarding or Cornerstone HR. For information on Training Forms, select the following link: See Training Forms Administration.

Use Case

A Human Resources administrator would like to collect benefits information from United States employees. Using the new Form Management functionality, she creates questions to include, builds the form, and sends it out to users to collect the necessary information.

You can perform the following tasks in Form Management:

See the following for information about the features and functionality that are part of Form Management: