Registration Group - Create - Step 2 - Approvals

On the Approvals step of the self-registration group creation process, specify who will approve self-registered users and grant them access to the system.

To create a self-registration group, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Organizational Units > Manage Self Registration Groups. Then, click the Create New Self Registration Group link.


Select who should approve a user before they can access the system. The available options are:

  • Email Verification - Users will be required to verify their own email addresses after self registering
  • No Approval - Users can automatically access the system
  • Approver
  • Manager
  • Self-Registration Group owner
  • User - A specific user you select
  • Group - Select a group of approvers for the self-registration groups. You must first create a group that contains the approvers. As a best practice, use only static groups of users. When a user self-registers for the portal, all approvers receive the approval request in their inbox and an email to approve the record. Any approver can approve the record, and the request is removed from all approvers' pending request queue once it is approved.

Click Next to continue to the Order page or Submit to save changes. See Registration Group - Create - Step 3 - Order.

Considerations when a Group is selected

  • Administrators can select static or dynamic groups, but Cornerstone recommends using static groups to ensure the correct users are included.
  • Customers must add and remove users from their group of approvers as needed.
  • Administrators can select only one group per self-registration link.

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