Guest Users and the Shopping Cart

A guest user may search LOs anonymously, and add items to the shopping cart anonymously. When the anonymous user selects Proceed to Checkout, the user navigates to a self registration page, where the user registers; the user then navigates to the Create Password page. After submitting the password the user navigates to the Home Page, where the user will see the Shopping Cart widget with the number of items that where added to it. Selecting the Cart widget will give them access to complete the check out process.

If shopping cart functionality is not active for the self registering user the user will request an LO item, navigate to the payment page, then after the receipt page, will navigate to the transcript page.

Anonymous Browsing

Items added to the shopping cart as an anonymous user remain in the shopping cart when the user logs in to the system.


  1. A user has two items in the shopping cart, LO1 and LO2.
  2. The user logs out of the system and opens a different browser and anonymously browses.
  3. The user adds another item to the shopping cart, LO3.
  4. The user logs in to the system using their credentials.
  5. When the user logs in to the system, LO1, LO2, and LO3 appear in the user's shopping cart.