Google Analytics

Organizations can use their own Google Analytics tracking code to track Web traffic. With Google Analytics, organizations can analyze web traffic and portal metrics which enables them to see trends in system usage or optimize marketing efforts.

For organizations using the Extended Enterprise functionality, one of the most important areas of the application is the self-registration page. This is because it is an important step consumers must complete before entering the portal to purchase training. Having access to traffic analytics helps marketers fine-tune elements of the self-registration page (e.g., number of fields, call to action, number of pages, etc.) to optimize the number of registrations.

When Google Analytics is enabled in the portal and organizations use their Google Analytics tracking code, web traffic is tracked and reported back to Google Analytics for any page that includes a standard Cornerstone footer as well as any self-registration pages.

Note: Google Analytics can be used by any organization that has a Google Analytics tracking code.

Use Case

Marisa, a marketing manager at Acme Co, is testing two different layouts for a self-registration page to determine which layout is most effective at convincing consumers to register for the Acme Co website. Marisa has one set of customers go to one self-registration page (i.e., they are one self-registration group), and the other consumers go to a different self-registration page.

Marisa wants to know which page was more effective. She logs in to Google Analytics and looks at the web traffic on each page. For the first self-registration group, she sees that users went through the first step but did not complete the second step. For the second self-registration group, she sees that users went through both steps at a high frequency. Based on this data, Marisa chooses to roll out the second self-registration page to all of her consumers.


Google Tag Manager can be enabled via the Edge Marketplace. See Google Tag Manager Integration.

Standard Footer

Workflow: Configuring & Using Google Analytics

  1. An administrator opens a Google Analytics account and gets a unique Google Analytics tracking code for the account.
  2. The administrator enables and configures the Google Tag Manager integration via the Edge Marketplace.
  3. The administrator logs in to Google Analytics to view web traffic analysis of activity on the pages that use a standard Cornerstone footer as well as any self-registration pages.