Create Cybersource Transaction Key

Cornerstone's Cybersource integration requires a SOAP API transaction key in order to authenticate and pass transaction details to Cybersource for processing. The transaction key is different for each environment and is mapped as follows:

  • Cornerstone Stage, Pilot = Cybersource Test
  • Cornerstone Production = Cybersource Live

The transaction key expires three years after it is generated, so it is important to check and ensure that you are using a valid one for each payment account.

To generate a new transaction key, you'll need access to Cybersource's Business Center and Cornerstone's Modify Payment Accounts page. Please note which Cybersource environment you need to log into based on the impacted environment.

  1. Click on the View All Keys link in the Expiring Keys section of the Dashboard page.

  1. On the Key Management page, click the Generate Key button.

  1. Click the Transaction Processing option for the key type.
  2. Choose the SOAP option for the key subtype.
  3. Copy the key for use with the Cornerstone system. You can also download the key if needed.

  1. To set up your Cybersource gateway on the Cornerstone home page, within the system, go to Admin > Preferences. Then select Modify Payment Account.
  2. Edit the appropriate account, enter this key in the Transaction Key field. Save your changes.