Create Campaign Overview

Creating a campaign allows you to send a survey to users at a selected frequency, which enables you to gather data on employee satisfaction, engagement, and commitment on an ongoing basis. Response trends over time allow organizations to make informed decisions and ensure they are fostering a positive and productive workplace.

To create a new campaign, go to admin > tools > Engage management > Manage Campaigns. Then, click the Create New Campaign button.

Create New Campaign

The campaign creation process includes four steps:

  1. General - See Create Campaign - General.
  2. Survey - See Create Campaign - Survey.
  3. Invitation - See Create Campaign - Invitation.
  4. Confirmation - See Create Campaign - Confirmation.


At any point during the creation process, you can click the Cancel button to close out of the campaign creation process without saving any of the data you have input. Any configurations you have made will be discarded.

Save Draft

At any point during the creation process, you can click the Save Draft button to save a draft version of the campaign you are creating. The selections you have made will be saved, and you can access the draft when you are ready to make more changes from the Engage Admin Dashboard page.