Create Campaign - Confirmation

On the Confirmation step, review the campaign settings and either launch the campaign or save it as a draft to launch later.

Review Campaign

In the Review Campaign section, review the campaign configurations and check for accuracy. If a change is needed, you can click the Previous button at the bottom of the page to return to previous steps.

Launch Campaign

When the campaign is correctly configured and ready to deploy, click the Launch campaign button. A final confirmation will summarize the distribution settings, including an estimate of the number of participants who will be invited.

Click cancel to return to the Manage Campaigns page without launching the campaign. Click LAUNCH to proceed with the campaign launch. The survey and associated communications will be sent to users according to your campaign settings.

Save Draft

To save your campaign without yet deploying, click the Save Draft button. The campaign settings will be saved and can be accessed later from the Engage Admin Console. When the campaign is ready, you can return to the campaign creation process for the campaign and click the Launch Campaign button on the Confirmation step.