Create/Edit Campaign Overview

Creating a campaign allows you to send a survey to users at a selected frequency, which enables you to gather data on employee satisfaction, engagement, and commitment on an ongoing basis. Response trends over time allow organizations to make informed decisions and ensure they are fostering a positive and productive workplace.

To access campaigns, go to admin > tools > Engage management > Manage Campaigns.

  • To create a new campaign, click the Create New Campaign button.
  • To edit a campaign, click the Edit Campaign button for an existing campaign.

You use the following pages to create or edit a campaign:

  1. General - Basic information about the campaign, such as name, key dimension, how it will be distributed to users, and how often it is deployed. See Create/Edit Campaign - General.
  2. Survey - Select the feedback survey that is sent to users. See Create/Edit Campaign - Survey.
  3. Invitation - Configure the email options for you campaign if the survey will be accessed via an email link. See Create/Edit Campaign - Invitation.
  4. Confirmation - Review the campaign settings and launch the campaign or save it as a draft to launch later. See Create/Edit Campaign - Review/Launch Confirmation.