Navigation Tabs and Links Extensions

The Navigation Tabs and Links Extensions functionality allows you to create navigation tabs specifically for the onboarding process. Various sublinks are available to select for the tabs in order to provide onboarding employees with access to system and custom pages that are beneficial during the onboarding process, such as Universal Profile and Browse for Training. Navigation tabs are then added to employee onboarding workflows, which are used in the onboarding process.

From the Navigation Tabs and Links Extensions administration page, you can create navigation tabs and links extensions. You can also view the existing tabs and links that have been created for onboarding.

To access the Navigation Tabs and Links Extensions page, go to Admin > Configuration Tools > Employee Onboarding. Then, click the Navigation Tabs and Links Extensions link.

Create Extension

Click Create Extension to create a navigation tab and link extension. See Create/Edit/Copy Extension.

Extensions Table

The following information displays in the Extensions table:

  • Name - This column displays the name of the extension.
  • Active - This column displays the active status of the extension. The column displays Yes for active extensions and No for inactive extensions.


The following options display in the Options drop-down:

  • Edit - Click Edit to edit the extension. If the extension is currently included in a workflow, a confirmation pop-up opens. Click Yes to continue the edit action, or click No to cancel the edit action. Changes to a navigation tab extension when the transition is in an In Progress status affect all of the associated transitions.
  • Copy - Click Copy to copy the extension.
  • Delete - Click Delete to delete the extension. This option is only available if the extension has not been used in a transition workflow.


Click Back to return to the Admin > Configuration Tools > Onboarding page.

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