Endpoint Management

From the Endpoint Management page, administrators can create and edit webhook endpoints. An endpoint is a specific URL on your web server or service to which Cornerstone CSX will send webhook communication.

Endpoints must be configured before webhooks can be created.

To manage webhooks and webhook endpoints, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Webhooks. Then, select the Endpoints button.

Manage Webhooks

Select the Webhooks button to manage webhooks. See Webhook Management.

Create New Endpoint

Select the Create New Endpoint button to create a webhook endpoint. See Create a Webhook Endpoint.

Verify Endpoint

If an endpoint is not verified, a Verify link is available. Select this link to verify the webhook.

Verification sends a brief communication to your provided Endpoint URL to ensure a secure connection. Your endpoint will need to be verified before it can be used for a webhook. If your endpoint fails verification, ensure the Endpoint URL is correct and that you have provided the proper security tokens to the receiving service.

Edit Endpoint

Select the Edit link to edit the webhook endpoint. See Create a Webhook Endpoint.

If any changes are made to the endpoint, the endpoint will need to be verified again. If a webhook is assigned to this endpoint, it will be stopped until the endpoint is reverified.