Create a Webhook Endpoint

Endpoints are the specific URLs on your web server or service to which Cornerstone CSX will send webhook communication.

The first step in creating a webhook is to create a webhook endpoint to link your hosted URL and the webhook.

To create a webhook endpoint, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Endpoints and select Create Endpoint.

Enter the following information for the webhook endpoint:

  1. Endpoint Name - Enter a descriptive name for the endpoint to avoid confusion when selecting an endpoint for a webhook.
  2. Endpoint URL - Enter the URL of your server or service to which Cornerstone CSX will send the webhook.
  3. x-api-key
  4. Content Encoding - Select the gzip format from the dropdown. Gzip is a file format designed to compress HTTP content before it is delivered to a client. It utilizes the gzip algorithm to reduce file size and optimize transmission.
  5. Security Token - You may copy or regenerate the security token if a new token is needed.

You will be provided with an automatically generated x-api-key and a Security Token for you to provide to the receiving service. Both are unique alphanumeric codes that will be included in API requests for identification and authorization. While they serve similar purposes as authentication mechanisms, their usage might differ based on the specific requirements of your receiving service and organization.

x-api-keys and secret tokens are unique for the endpoint you are creating in your Cornerstone CSX portal. No two endpoints will have the same codes. Every time the Create New Endpoint button is selected, new strings will be generated for both.

Select the Create and Verify button to run the verification process. Verification sends a brief communication to your provided Endpoint URL to ensure a secure connection. Your endpoint will need to be verified before it can be used for a webhook.

Select the Create button to create the endpoint without verification. The endpoint will appear on the Endpoint Management page in a status of Unverified. Once ready, select the Verify link. See Endpoint Management.