Marketplace - View Edge Integration Details

The Integration Details page displays information about the integration, including information about the vendor, an overview of the functionality provided by the integration, pricing and setup information, and an opportunity to purchase or try the integration.

To view the details of an Edge integration, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Marketplace. Then from the Marketplace page, select the appropriate Edge integration.

When using any of the Edge services, such as Marketplace or Integrations, administrators can navigate between the services by clicking the Menu icon in the upper-right corner of the page and selecting the desired service:

Integration Header

At the top of the page, an overview of the integration is displayed, including the following information:

  • Title
  • Price per year
  • Vendor - The company that is associated with the integration is displayed below the integration title.
  • Categories - The categories associated with the integration are displayed below the integration provider.

Purchase/Try it Free/Get Started

Depending on the environment from which Marketplace is being accessed (i.e., Pilot, Stage, Live) and the type of integration, administrators may be able to purchase the integration, try the integration, or express interest in an integration.

  • Purchase (Production Environment) - When accessing Marketplace from a Production portal, administrators may have the option to purchase an integration. Once the integration is purchased, administrators must then configure and enable the integration from the Integrations configuration center. Note: The Purchase option is displayed and administrators must complete the Purchase process even if there is no cost associated with the integration. This is because the Purchase action enables the integration to be configured and enabled in the Integrations configuration center. See Edge Integration - Purchase.
  • Try it Free (Non-production Environments) - When accessing Marketplace from a non-production environment, such as a Pilot or Stage portal, administrators can enable the integration in their non-Production portal for no cost, for testing purposes. To enable an integration with a cost in Production portals, the integration must be purchased. The integration must be configured and enabled in each environment from the Integrations configuration center. See Edge Integration - Try it Free.
  • Get Started - Some integrations are not self-service, and they require assistance from the Cornerstone partner that built the integration. For these integrations, organizations can express interest in the integration by selecting this button, and completing the form. This enables the vendor to contact the organization directly for next steps. See Edge Integration - Get Started.

Integration Preview

A preview of the integration is displayed below the Integration Header. This preview displays sample images of how the integration will be used within the system. Select the Arrow icons to the left or right of the preview image to view additional images.

Integration Details

In depth information about the integration is displayed below the Integration Preview. The Integration Details are separated into four sections. To view a different section, select the appropriate tab. The following sections are available:

  • Vendor - This section provides general information about the vendor with which the Cornerstone system is integrating. Additional resources may be provided at the bottom of the page.
  • Integration - This section provides an overview of the functionality that is added with the integration.
  • Pricing - This section provides the cost of the integration and frequently asked questions related to purchasing or trying the integration.
  • Setup - This section provides an overview of what is required to configure and utilize the integration.