Edge Integration - Try it Free

The Edge Marketplace enables administrators to conveniently browse and discover all available integrations.

When accessing Marketplace from a non-production environment, such as a Pilot or Stage portal, administrators can enable the integration in their non-Production portal for no cost, for testing purposes. To enable an integration in Production portals, customers must contact their Account Managers, regardless of whether the integration has a cost. The integration must be configured in each environment from the Integrations configuration center.

To enable an integration in a non-Production portal for no cost, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Marketplace. From the Marketplace page, select the appropriate integration. Then, from the Integration Details page, select the Install button.

When using any of the Edge services, such as Marketplace or Integrations, administrators can navigate between the services by clicking the Menu icon in the upper-right corner of the page and selecting the desired service:

Install Integration in Pilot or Stage

After selecting the Install button on the integration page, read the terms and conditions of the no-cost trial and check the acknowledgment box. Then, select the Install button at the bottom of the page. The integration will be installed at no cost for use with your Pilot, Stage, and Demo portals. You can configure the integration by selecting the Configure Now button in the confirmation pop-up.

After configuration, your organization can test the integration and determine whether it will meet the organization's needs, with no time constraints. If the integration is suitable for your organization, it can be purchased for use with your Production portal.