Edge Integration - Purchase

The Marketplace service enables administrators to conveniently browse and discover all available integrations and purchase or try the desired integrations.

When accessing Marketplace from a Production portal, administrators may have the option to purchase an integration. Once the integration is purchased, administrators must then configure and enable the integration from the Integrations configuration center.

To purchase an integration, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Marketplace. From the Marketplace page, select the appropriate integration. Then, from the Integration Details page, select the Purchase button. This button is only available when accessing Marketplace from a production portal and when viewing an integration that has not already been purchased.

Note: The Purchase option is displayed and administrators must complete the Purchase process even if there is no cost associated with the integration. This is because the Purchase action enables the integration to be configured and enabled in the Integrations configuration center.

When using any of the Edge services, such as Marketplace or Integrations, administrators can navigate between the services by clicking the Menu icon in the upper-right corner of the page and selecting the desired service:

Purchase Integration

When the Purchase button is selected, the purchase process is initiated. This process is separated into three steps:

  1. Billing - On this page, enter information about the billing contact and address for the purchase.
  2. Company - On this page, enter the address for your organization's headquarters.
  3. Confirm - On this page, review the information that has been entered and confirm the purchase.

Once the purchase is confirmed, Cornerstone will send a purchase order to the specified billing contact to complete the transaction. However, the integration is immediately available to be configured and enabled.


On the Confirm page, this section displays the components that are required for using the integration. An integration should not be purchased unless all of the prerequisites are satisfied.

Terms and Conditions

On the Confirm page, this section displays the terms and conditions for the integration purchase.

Select the Acknowledgment option to agree to the terms and conditions of the purchase.

Purchase/Not Now/Back

On the Confirm page, the following options are available:

  • Purchase - An integration should not be purchased unless all of the prerequisites are satisfied. Select this option to submit the purchase order. The Acknowledgment option must be selected before selecting this button. A purchased integration is automatically installed in all environments. However, the integration must be configured and enabled within each portal before the functionality is available within the portal. After purchasing the integration, a Confirmation pop-up opens with the following options:
  • Not Now - Select this option to cancel the purchase and return to the Marketplace page. See Marketplace - Browse Edge Integrations.
  • Back - Select this option to return to the previous page of the Purchase process.