Edge Integrate - Manage Users

User mapping for Edge integrations is managed from a separate tab on the Edge Integrate page. On the Manage Users tab, administrators can add new users and modify the information for existing users.

To access the Manage Users tab, go to Admin > Tools > Edge and click an integration which supports user mapping. Click the Manage Users tab.

Manage Users Tab

The Manage Users tab of the Edge Integrate portal allows you to map users to an integration. From this page, administrators can view, modify, and delete existing users, and they can also add new users and save any setting modifications.

Setup Instructions

Different enhancements require different user setup procedures. For detailed instructions on adding users to a specific enhancement, click the Setup Instructions link on the Manage Users tab.

Add New User

Administrators can add new users to the integration from the Manage Users page. Users must have an account with the integration software and also be added to the integration from the Manage Users page in order to use that integration's functionality in the system.

The Add New User button in the bottom right corner of the Manage Users page allows you to add a new user to the integration after supplying all the required information for the user.

For more information about configuring users for specific enhancements, click the Setup Instructions link on the Manage Users tab for the enhancement.

Save Settings

To save the settings made to the Manage Users page, click the Save Settings button.