Edge Integrate - Activity Log

On the Settings tab for each Edge integration, administrators can access the Activity section, which provides modification history information for both the integration's Settings Tab and Manage Users tab.

To access the Settings tab for an integration, go to Admin > Tools > Edge and click the Integrations link. Then, click an integration and click on either the integration's Settings tab or the Manage Users tab.


To view the modification history and activity for the integration, click the Activity drop-down which displays under the available settings options. All previous activity related to the enhancement settings will be expanded. Each instance of modification displays with the following information:

  • Name - This field displays the name of the administrator who made the modification to the settings or users of the integration.
  • Changed Setting - This field displays the setting or user information that was changed . If applicable, the original value of the setting displays along with the new value of the setting.
  • Date and Time - This fields the date and time at which the modifications were saved to the integration.

If needed, click the Show More button to load additional modification history information to the Activity section.