Edge Import - User Goals Load

Goals allow users and managers to set action-oriented tasks and track results.

The User Goals load type allows customers to create user goals with no tasks or targets.

Note: This load type does not currently allow you to update existing goals, only create new goals.

The User Goals load type supports the following fields:

  • User ID
  • Goal ID
  • Goal Title
  • Goal Description
  • Goal Start Date
  • Goal End Date
  • Goal % Completion
  • Goal Weight
  • Perspective
  • Category
  • Allow Subordinates to Align
  • Lock Goals

Starter Guide

Select this link to download the Edge Import Starter Guide.

Select this link to download the Edge Import Performance Guide.


  • Goal ID values in the load file must be unique for each record.
  • Organizations cannot include tasks or targets with a goal via the User Goal Load.
  • When loading perspective and category values, the ID value must be used.
  • A goal may only have a single perspective associated with it.
  • Goal weight uses the precision value configured for the portal.
  • Depending on a portal’s configuration, the total weight of all goals for a user may be required to be less than or equal to 100%.
  • The Edge Import User Goal Load will override the portal setting that restricts the number of goals assigned to a user.
  • Edge Import cannot be used to cancel goals. This can only be done within the Cornerstone system.
  • Feeds are not supported.