Edge Import - Transcript Loads and Feeds

Edge Import supports the following transcript data loads and feeds:

Starter Guide

Select this link to download the Edge Import Starter Guide.

Supported Transcript Statuses

Type Requested Approved Registered In Progress Completed Exempt Withdrawn
Curriculum     X   X X  
External Training     X   X   X
ILT* X X X   X X X
Material     X   X X  
Online Content     X   X    
Online Course     X   X X  
Test     X   X X  
Video     X   X X  

*The ILT Transcript load also supports Cancelled, Waitlisted, Incomplete, and No Show.

Column and Row Limits

Please note that the limits for each data load type are listed in the template guides.

Type Limit

For data feeds, a maximum of 150 columns can be mapped per file.

For manual data loads, a maximum of 300 columns can be mapped per file.

Rows - Transcript Loads

This applies to all learning object transcript load types.

For all portals, a maximum of 1,000,000 rows can be included.

Archived Field

The Archived field indicates if the transcript record should be placed on the “Archived” tab of the transcript. A learning object can be moved to the Archive transcript irrespective of transcript status.

The following transcript load types support the Archived field: Online, Material, Video, Test, ILT, Curriculum, External Training.

When Archived is set to true, the following occurs:

  • Remove the training from the Active or Completed transcript, and move it into the Archive transcript.
  • If the record is already archived in the system, then no action occurs.

When Archived is set to false, the following occurs:

  • Remove the training from the Archive transcript, and move it back to the Active or Completed transcript.
  • If the record is not currently archived in the system, then no action occurs.

Transcript Updates and Registration Numbers

Transcript records can be updated using the Registration Number. Use a custom report to identify the system-generated Registration Number.

The following transcript load types support updates using the Registration Number as a key field: Online Course Transcript, Material Transcript, Test Transcript, Curriculum Transcript, and Video Transcript

Future Dated Transcript Records

Future dated transcript records cannot be loaded. Request and Registration Dates must range between 01/01/1900 to Today.

ILT transcript records with a session start date in the future can be loaded, but the Request and Registration Date must be in the past.

To load future dated transcript records, organizations can use the Learning Assignment tool (LAT).

Recurrence Rules

Recurrences are sorted and loaded oldest to newest by registration date.

Recurrence always goes from Completed recurrences to Non-Completed recurrences. It is not possible to start a new recurrence until last recurrence is complete. For example, if you attempt to load three assignments for a single training (e.g., 5 January 2017, 5 January 2018, and 5 January 2019), but the second assignment is not yet complete, then the first two assignments will be loaded, but the latest assignment cannot be loaded.

Custom Fields

Special load types and template guides are available to update Transcript custom fields. The transcript record must already exist.

For transcript custom field load types, the Training ID is the corresponding training type ID, such as Material ID, Online Course ID, Video ID, Test ID, or Curriculum ID.

Translations are not supported for Transcript Custom Field loads.


The following considerations apply to this load type:

  • If the load file contains duplicate records or multiple records with the same unique identifier, the first record in the file will be loaded and the rest will receive an error.
  • If the Registration Date/Time provided in the file does not exist in the system, a new assignment will be added.
  • Registration Date/Time cannot be updated once the transcript record is created.
  • If the Registration Date/Time provided in the file matches with the assignment in the system, the transcript can be updated to Completed if a completion date and time is provided.
  • Request and Completion Date/Time can be updated.
  • Request Date/Time should be less than or equal to Registered Date/Time, and the Registered Date/Time should be less than or equal to the Completion Date/Time.
  • Transcript load does not check user availability for the learning object (LO) before the load.
  • Transcript load with Learning Object IDs (LOID) will associate the user to the LOID provided.
  • The Learning Object ID can be active or inactive.
  • To load transcripts for learning objects that have multiple versions, such as materials or online courses, always use the Learning Object ID.
  • Transcript status cannot be updated from Completed to Exempt.
  • Training launched from the user interface should be completed or updated from the portal.

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