Edge Import - Online Course Assets Load and Feed

An online course is an electronic learning course that can be completed asynchronously within the system. An online course is comprised of SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, or xAPI compliant files that are bundled into a .zip file.

The Edge Import Online Course load type supports the following:

  • Online Course Assets - This includes the creation of new, launchable online courses. It is not currently possible to update existing launchable online courses via Edge Import.
  • Online Course Metadata - This includes the creation of new, empty (non-launchable) online courses and the updating of the metadata of existing launchable and non-launchable online courses in the system. For the upload of non-launchable online courses, there is no need to have .zip files available.

Starter Guide

Select this link to download the Edge Import Starter Guide.

Unique Identifiers

When loading online course assets, the following can be used as the unique identifier for each online course:

  • Online Course ID - Provide the unique Online Course ID of the online course to create a launchable online course.

File Mapping and FTP

If the file name is provided, the actual file needs to be present on the Cornerstone FTP site in a separate dedicated system folder: LMS/OnlineCourse.

The files will not be removed from the FTP after the one-time load.

Published Status by Default

New launchable online courses are always loaded in a Published status.

Volume and Size

The maximum file size for each launchable course supported is 2 GB. Note: This is more than the size supported by Course Publisher and Content Uploader.

A single load can have maximum of 2,000 records of launchable online courses.


To update the metadata, such as Description, for an existing launchable online course, you can use the Online Course Metadata load.

Learning Object Availability Settings

Availability for this learning object type is set using the Learning Object (LO) Availability Load.

Only the following availability related criteria can be loaded using this data load type:

  • Availability: All Users - When this is set to true, it overrides all other availability settings for the learning object.
  • Register Upon Approval
  • Pre-approved
  • Include Subordinates


The following considerations apply to this load type:

  • File name is mandatory in order to load a launchable course.
  • The file name must be unique for all courses and not already exist in the portal.
  • Updating the File Name for existing courses is not supported.
  • The online course content must be in a zip package format and must have only one course within it. Loading .zip packages with multiple courses is not supported.
  • Edge Import will load and publish online courses even if the Content Uploader (user interface) is not enabled or licensed.
  • Edge Import cannot be used to update an existing launchable online course with a new .zip package.
  • In order to “version” a launchable course loaded by Edge Import, your organization must have the Content Uploader feature activated.