Edge Import - Online Content (OLCO) Metadata Load and Feed

Online Content training is created directly via content provider integrations, such as the Coursera and Percipio integrations available in Edge Marketplace.

The Online Content Metadata load enables organizations to update metadata for Online Content that currently exists in the portal’s course catalog.

The following new load types are now available:

  • Online Content Transcript Custom Field Load - Use this load type to import custom field values for online content transcripts.
  • Online Content Transcript Load - Use this load type to capture registrations and completions for launches from external systems when learners are not registered for the courses in their Cornerstone portal.

Starter Guide

Select this link to download the Edge Import Starter Guide.

Thumbnail Images

An optional Thumbnail field is available which allows administrators to apply thumbnail images to training in bulk. If no value is provided for this field, the Default Training Image Preferences are applied. The thumbnail image file must be placed in the Cornerstone FTP location in the following folder: LMS/[TRAINING LOAD TYPE]/Thumbnail. This FTP folder structure should be created it if does not already exist.

To remove a thumbnail image that is already set for a training item, load the training with a blank value for the Thumbnail field and set the configuration to Apply Default Value for blank values. Following the load, the default thumbnail image will be applied based on Default Training Image Preferences.


  • Bulk API import methods are not supported.