Edge Import - Evaluation Question Bank Load

The Course Evaluation module is an effective tool for administrators to measure the value of online learning and instructor-led training.

Based on the first three levels of Kirkpatrick's Evaluation Model, the course evaluation tool includes three separate evaluations to measure the participant's reaction to the course, the amount of knowledge the participant gained, and how well the participant transferred the new knowledge to his or her job. The course evaluation module includes a wide variety of question types and response formats.

The ability to add course-specific second and third level evaluations allows managers and participants to assess the value of a course. Transfer of learning can be measured because participants can take these evaluations both prior to and following the learning experience.

The Evaluation Question Bank load for Edge Import allows customers to create new evaluation questions and update existing evaluation questions, which can be used in Evaluation Administration when creating evaluations. The data loaded will be visible in the portal’s question bank for evaluations, which is accessible via Evaluation Administration.

To access Evaluation Administration, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management >Evaluations.

Starter Guide

Select this link to download the Edge Import Starter Guide.

Unique Identifiers

When loading questions, the following can be used as the unique identifier for each question:

  • Question Reference Number - Select this option when you want to reference questions using your organization's own unique reference numbers. These values are not visible in the portal.
  • Question ID - Select this option only for updating existing questions by Question ID. These values are visible in the portal.


The following considerations apply to this load type:

  • Evaluation question categories must already exist before loading evaluation questions.
  • This load type does not support the question banks used in Form Management or the Test Engine.