Edge Import - Curriculum Structure Load and Feed

The Curriculum Structure load type is primarily for creating the curriculum structure for a curriculum that was previously created using Edge Import. All referenced Curricula must already be present in the portal prior to using this load. Updates are limited. Refer to the load template for details.

A curriculum load and feed via Edge Import can include Events, Online Courses, Tests, Materials, and Videos.

Starter Guide

Select this link to download the Edge Import Starter Guide.

Unique Identifiers

When loading curricula data, the unique identifier for curricula can be provided in the following ways:

  • Curriculum ID - Select this option when you have Curriculum IDs available and want to update existing curricula.
    • The final unique key fields will be Curriculum ID and Child Learning Object ID.
    • In Custom Reports, the Curriculum ID is displayed as Training ID.
    • Curricula created via the user interface will not have a Curriculum ID. To update curricula created via the user interface, you must use the system-generated Learning Object ID.
  • Learning Object ID - Select this option only for updating existing curricula by Learning Object ID.
    • The final unique key fields will be Curriculum Learning Object ID and Child Learning Object ID.
    • You can create a custom report to locate the Learning Object ID of each curriculum.

Example: Section and Course Display Order

In this example, the following data is loaded using the Curriculum Load:

Curriculum ID Curriculum Title Section # Section Name Child LO ID Course Display Order
My Curricula My Curricula 1 General ChildLOID1 1
My Curricula My Curricula 1 General ChildLOID2 2
My Curricula My Curricula 2 Quiz ChildLOID3 1

This data load will result in the following curriculum structure:

  • Curriculum: My Curricula
    • Section 1: General (2 of 2 required)
      • 1: ChildLOID1
      • 2: ChildLOID2
    • Section 2: Quiz (1 of 1 required)
      • 1: ChildLOID3


The following considerations apply to this load type:

  • Standard reversioning functionality will not be triggered when updating a curriculum.
  • The curriculum structure load must at least contain one section with a child learning object.
  • Nested sections and curriculum inside curricula are not supported.
  • Child learning objects must be in approved status and active.
  • Curriculum structure (i.e., Sections and Display Order of child items) cannot be updated once created.
  • Loading the "Auto Register" option as "True" will re-register the user to the already enrolled child LOs.
  • Review the latest template guideline for fields that are not visible in the template but do have default values for new Curricula.