Edge Import - Curriculum Load and Feed

A curriculum is a defined group of learning objects (LOs). Curriculum functionality allows administrators to create blended learning programs that are flexible and easy for learners to manage.

The Curriculum data load can be used to create or update curricula, including metadata such as provider, subjects, owners. At least one child learning object must be added when creating a new curriculum.

Additional updates to the curriculum structure and learning objects can be loaded via the Curriculum Structure data load. See Edge Import - Curriculum Structure Load and Feed.

Starter Guide

Select this link to download the Edge Import Starter Guide.

Unique Identifiers

When loading curricula data, the unique identifier for curricula can be provided in the following ways:

  • Curriculum ID - Select this option when you have Curriculum IDs available and want to import new curricula or update existing curricula.
    • In Custom Reports, the Curriculum ID is displayed as Training ID.
    • Curricula created via the user interface will not have a Curriculum ID. To update curricula created via the user interface, you must use the system-generated Learning Object ID.
  • Learning Object ID - Select this option only for updating existing curricula by Learning Object ID.
    • You can create a custom report to locate the Learning Object ID of each curriculum.

Learning Object Availability Settings

Availability for this learning object type is set using the Learning Object (LO) Availability Load.

Only the following availability related criteria can be loaded using this data load type:

  • Availability: All Users - When this is set to true, it overrides all other availability settings for the learning object.
  • Register Upon Approval
  • Pre-approved
  • Include Subordinates

Thumbnail Images

An optional Thumbnail field is available which allows administrators to apply thumbnail images to training in bulk. If no value is provided for this field, the Default Training Image Preferences are applied. The thumbnail image file must be placed in the Cornerstone FTP location in the following folder: LMS/[TRAINING LOAD TYPE]/Thumbnail. This FTP folder structure should be created it if does not already exist.

To remove a thumbnail image that is already set for a training item, load the training with a blank value for the Thumbnail field and set the configuration to Apply Default Value for blank values. Following the load, the default thumbnail image will be applied based on Default Training Image Preferences.


The following considerations apply to this load type:

  • Standard reversioning functionality will not be triggered when updating a curriculum.
  • Review the latest template guideline for fields that are not visible in the template but do have default values for new Curricula.