Edge Import - Group Loads and Feeds - Overview

The Group load type supports maintaining Group organizational unit (OU) metadata as well as user membership details. Both manual loads and automated feeds are supported for these two load types.

The Group Load supports the following functionality:

  • Create new groups
  • Update existing group metadata, including the following:
    • Standard and custom fields
    • Group hierarchy
    • Localization (Translation load)

The Group Membership Load supports the following functionality:

  • Assign groups to users
  • Remove users from groups

Review the latest template guide before initiating a new organizational unit load.


  • With the legacy Group load in Data Load Wizard, group organization unit data and membership data were managed in a single load type. With Edge Import, this is managed in two separate load types.
  • Group loads (both Edge Import and legacy Data Load Wizard) can only be used to upload lists of specific users based on their User IDs. This means the following features are not supported at this time:
    • Dynamic criteria
    • Group membership updates for dynamic and combination groups. While there is no dedicated validation mechanism in the legacy Data Load Wizard to indicate this, the Edge Import Group Membership load is designed to highlight this with an error: "Invalid request. This load supports only operations for static groups."


Organizations must activate Edge Import via the Edge Import tile in Edge Marketplace. To access the Edge Marketplace, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Marketplace.

  • In Pilot and Stage portals, this functionality is available to be tested for free by selecting the Install button.
  • In Production portals, this functionality can be purchased and enabled by selecting the Purchase button.