Edge Import - Individual Targets Load and Feed

The Individual Targets data load can be used to import individual targets for Compensation in bulk via manual loads or scheduled feeds using Edge Import. With this load, customers can import records containing bonus and equity target values by user and target date. Feeds are supported with this load type.

Supported Attributes

The following attributes are supported for individual targets:

  • User ID - This field indicates the primary OU for the salary range. This value must be a valid OU ID and of the correct OU type.
  • Target Type - This field indicates the type of the target, Bonus or Equity.
  • Target Name - This field indicates the name of the individual target, such as RSA, NQO, LTI, Bonus, or custom bonus type. Acceptable target names are included in the template guide.
  • Amount or Percent - This field indicates whether the target is a fixed amount or a percentage.
  • Amount or Percent Value - This field indicates the individual target value. Amounts are assumed to be in the target user's currency.
  • Target Date - This field indicates the date of the individual target.
  • Currency - This field indicates the currency associated with the individual target.


Organizations must activate Edge Import via the Edge Import tile in Edge Marketplace. To access the Edge Marketplace, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Marketplace.

  • In Pilot and Stage portals, this functionality is available to be tested for free by selecting the Install button.
  • In Production portals, this functionality can be purchased and enabled by selecting the Purchase button.