Edge Import - Manage Data Feeds and Settings

A data feed is a way for organizations to automatically load data such as user or transcript data from an external system into the Cornerstone system. For example, if an organization maintains their user data base in an external system, they can configure a data feed to regularly load any new or modified user records into their Cornerstone system.

To access the Manage Data Feeds and Settings page, go to Admin > Tools > Edge > Imports and Feeds. Then, select the Feed Settings button.

Create New Feed

To create a new data feed, select the Create Feed button. This opens the New Feed page, which guides you through a multi-step process to create a new data feed. See Edge Import - Create Data Feed.

View or Edit Feed Details

To view or edit the feed details, select the appropriate feed. See Edge Import - Create Data Feed.

Data Feeds

The following information is displayed for each data feed:

  • Feed name
  • State
  • Frequency
  • Next run
  • Last run
  • Run by