Data Load Wizard - Date Formats

The following table contains a list of all date and time formats that are acceptable in the Data Load Wizard. Please consult your integration consultant for a list of date formats acceptable for the data feed.

When using time, a 24-hour clock should be used to distinguish between morning and evening hours. For example, 2:00 PM should be provided as 14:00.

Two-digit year formats are not supported by the Data Load Wizard. Year values must be four digits.

Note: The maximum date supported for custom date fields is November 2077.

U.S. Date and Time Formats European Date and Time Formats
MM/dd/yyyy dd/MM/yyyy
M/d/yyyy d/M/yyyy
MM-dd-yyyy dd-MM-yyyy
M-d-yyyy d-M-yyyy
yyyy-MM-dd yyyy-dd-MM
yyyy-M-d yyyy-d-M
yyyy/MM/dd yyyy/dd/MM
yyyy/M/d yyyy/d/M
MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm
M/d/yyyy HH:mm d/M/yyyy HH:mm
MM-dd-yyyy HH:mm dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm
M-d-yyyy HH:mm d-M-yyyy HH:mm
yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm yyyy-dd-MM HH:mm
yyyy-M-d HH:mm yyyy-d-M HH:mm
yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm yyyy/dd/MM HH:mm
yyyy/M/d HH:mm yyyy/d/M HH:mm
MM/dd/yyyy H:mm dd/MM/yyyy H:mm
M/d/yyyy H:mm d/M/yyyy H:mm
MM-dd-yyyy H:mm dd-MM-yyyy H:mm
M-d-yyyy H:mm d-M-yyyy H:mm
yyyy-MM-dd H:mm yyyy-dd-MM H:mm
yyyy-M-d H:mm yyyy-d-M H:mm
yyyy/MM/dd H:mm yyyy/dd/MM H:mm
yyyy/M/d H:mm yyyy/d/M H:mm