Load Transcript Data - LO Characteristics and Actions

Learning Loads Deprecation: Ability to perform learning data loads using Data Load Wizard will be deprecated with the May '22 Release. Edge Import replaces this functionality. For information about Edge Import, See Edge Import Homepage.

The following learning object (LO) actions are supported by the Data Load Wizard based on the LO characteristics:

LO Characteristic Load to Registered Status Load to Completed Status Comments
Active Yes Yes  
Old Version No No Old versions of LOs are not supported.
Inactive No Yes  
User Not in Availability No Yes Availability restrictions are only enforced for the Registered status.
Has Licenses No Yes, but does not reduce available licenses.  
Has Cost Yes, but does not reflect charge. Yes, but does not reflect charge. Cost is not applied.
Allows Recurrence Yes Yes  
Has Pre-work Yes Yes Pre-work is ignored and not enforced.
Has Post-work Yes Yes Post-work is ignored and not enforced.
Provider is Inactive No Yes