Load Question Data - Step 1 - Get Started

Learning Loads Deprecation: Ability to perform learning data loads using Data Load Wizard will be deprecated with and end-of-life in the February '22 Release. Edge Import replaces this functionality. For more information on learning loads deprecation, See Learning Data Load Overview. For information about Edge Import, See Edge Import Homepage.

When selecting the type of data to load on the Get Started page, Learning is available as an option.

When loading learning data, you can load a file of test or evaluation questions or question responses. The maximum number of records that can be uploaded in a question data file is 10,000.

When a file of test or evaluation questions is loaded, a unique Reference Number must be specified for each row of data in the file. The Reference Number is the unique identifier for each question and is defined by the administrator when loading the data. When updating existing question data, the Reference Number of the existing data must be referenced. Once a Reference Number is set for a question, it cannot be modified. The ability to view question Reference Number values within the system is controlled by a backend setting.

When a file of test or evaluation question responses is loaded, a reference number is not available for responses. The unique identifier (primary key) for each multiple choice response or text only correct answer is the combination of the Question Reference Number, which is set at the time a question is created, and the Question Response Order, which is the display order for each multiple choice response or text only correct answer. The unique identifier (primary key) for multiple choice responses and text only correct answers is used to determine which responses should be updated. These values cannot be updated once they are set. The Response Order value must be unique for each response within a question.

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To start the Data Load Wizard, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Data Load Wizard, and then click Load Data. The Data Load Wizard opens to the Get Started tab. Select the Learning option and click Next. When uploading learning data, you must first select the type of learning you are loading. See Load Question Data - Step 2 - Select Type.