Load Resume Data - Step 1 - Get Started

When you start the wizard, select which type of data you are loading. The maximum number of records that you can upload in a file is 10,000.

If you are using the Data Load Wizard to set up your portal, begin by loading the organizational units, then users.

Using the Data Load Wizard, administrators are able to create new records and update existing records. Administrators can also save files to an FTP location, from which the system can collect the data at a date and time specified by the administrator.

Administrators can upload resume data to a particular resume section. Resume sections can either be pre-configured within the system or defined by the organization. Each resume section can support up to 30 total fields.

Resume data can be loaded into two areas of the system:

  • Universal Profile > Bio > Resume
  • Recruiting > Application Resume
    • Data can be loaded for candidate applications in order to utilize the Candidate Search functionality within the Recruiting module.
    • Prior to loading resume data into the Recruiting module, the resume sections that are loaded must be mapped to the Recruiting module when configuring the Resume in Succession Management. See Resume Administration.

When a file of resume data is loaded, a unique Entry ID must be specified for each row of data in the file. The Entry ID is the unique identifier for each row of data and is defined by the administrator when loading the data. When updating existing data for a resume, the Entry ID of the existing data must be referenced. Entry IDs are not displayed within the system and must be tracked by the administrator.

  • For example, an administrator loads an undergraduate degree into the Education section for a user. The administrator specifies an Entry ID of 123 for this entry. If the administrator wishes to update the undergraduate degree for the same user, the administrator must reference the Entry ID of 123 in the data load. If the user receives their graduate degree, the administrator can load the additional degree into the Education section for the user by specifying a new Entry ID for the data. Because the graduate degree uses a unique Entry ID, the data is appended to the Education section, rather than replacing the existing undergraduate degree.

To start the Data Load Wizard, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Data Load Wizard, and then click Load Data. The Data Load Wizard opens to the Get Started tab. Select the Resume option and click Next. When uploading resume data, you must first select the resume section to which you are loading. See Load Resume Data - Step 2 - Select Type.

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