Load OU Data - Step 5 - Processing Options

General Criteria

The following General Criteria options are available when loading data:

Dates are in International (dd/mm/yyyy or dd-mm-yyyy) format

Select this option if the dates within the file are in International format. This allows the system to properly read and interpret the date values when loading them into the system. Many date formats are supported in both American and International versions. Consult the Helpful Hints documents for a full list.

If file is error free, automatically load into system

Select this option to automatically load the data into the system if the data within the uploaded file is error free. The data within the file is still validated during the validation step. But, if there are no formatting or system compatibility errors, you will not have the option to perform a final review before the data is loaded.

Blank values should overwrite existing data

Select this option if you want a blank value in the load file to overwrite an existing value within the system. For example, a user record (John Smith) has an email address set in the system (jsmith@email.com), but the email value in the file is blank. If this option is selected, the blank value within the file overwrites the email value set in the system. If this option is not selected, the blank value within the file does not overwrite the email value in the system and John Smith's email address is not affected.

Note: If you select the option to allow blank values to overwrite existing values, and a manager or parent ID is blank within the file, this may cause a hierarchy within the system to break. Also, if the field is a required field, the value cannot be blank within the file.

Do not allow relationships with inactive Users and OUs

Select this option to prevent OUs and users from being associated with inactive OUs or users. This can be used to ensure organizations have a functioning hierarchy between OUs and users. If users and OUs are connected with inactive users or OUs, this may cause breakdowns in system communication such as approvals and reviews.

After selecting the appropriate options, click Continue to proceed to the Validate step. See Load OU Data - Step 6 - Validate.