Load LO Translators - Step 1 - Get Started

Learning Loads Deprecation: Ability to perform learning data loads using Data Load Wizard will be deprecated with and end-of-life in the February '22 Release. Edge Import replaces this functionality. For more information on learning loads deprecation, See Learning Data Load Overview. For information about Edge Import, See Edge Import Homepage.

The Data Load Wizard is enhanced to enable administrators to load translation data for learning objects.

When loading data, you can load a file of learning object (LO) translation data, including translations for the LO Title, Description, and Keywords for any learning object in the system. When you start the wizard, you can select which type of data you are loading. The maximum number of records that can be uploaded in a translator data file is 10,000.

The following considerations apply to the LO Translator data load:

  • This LO Translator data load does not support translations for custom fields.
  • This LO Translator data load does not support translations for field labels.

When a file of LO translation data is loaded, the unique identifier (primary key) for each LO translation is the combination of the LO ID or Reference Number and the Culture ID.

  • LOs must already exist within the system before loading translation data for the LO.
  • If there is existing data for the corresponding LO and Culture ID, the data load will override the data for the field.
  • Translations for multiple Culture IDs can be loaded for the same LO.

See Load LO Translators - LO Types.

See Load LO Translators - Template and Validations.

See Load LO Translators - Use Cases.

To start the Data Load Wizard, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Data Load Wizard, and then click Load Data. The Data Load Wizard opens to the Get Started tab. Select the Learning option and click Next. When uploading learning data, you must first select the type of learning data you are loading. See Load LO Translators - Step 2 - Select Type.