Competency Bank Template - General Information

The General Information template is one of the templates that is available when loading competency bank information via the Data Load Wizard.

The General Information template for competency bank data contains the naming and definition data for the competency. This template can be used when creating or updating competencies. When loading competencies, the General Information template must be the first template that is loaded. Note: When a new competency is added to the system via the Data Load Wizard, the competency is not visible within the system until items or behaviors are loaded to the competency via the Data Load Wizard. This prevents competencies that do not have items or behaviors from being added to a competency model.

The General Information template contains the following data fields:

Name Description Validation Rules
System ID

This is set by the administrator and is used to reference the competency that is being loaded into the system.

When updating existing competency data, the System ID for the data that is being loaded must match the System ID for the existing data.

Data that is manually created in the system has a different System ID format than data that is created in the Data Load Wizard. Data created manually has a System ID prefix of "10-" (e.g., 10-123). This prefix is reserved for data that is manually created in the system.

  • This field is required.
  • This field must be unique.
  • The character limit is 32.

To enable this functionality, contact Global Customer Support.

Culture ID This determines the culture (language) in which the competency is loaded. The value must match one of the existing Culture IDs within the system.
  • This must be a valid Culture ID. See the Helpful Hints for a list of valid Culture IDs.
Name This is the competency name.
  • This field is required.
  • The character limit is 250.
Description This is the competency description
  • The character limit is 3,950.
ID This is a client specified ID and is not required. The ID does not need to be unique and can be used as an additional identifier for the competency.
  • The character limit is 100.
Client Configured Category This value indicates the competency category. This value must match one of the existing competency categories in the system. Category names can be configured by the administrator.
  • This must match an existing competency category in the system.
  • Active and inactive competency categories can be loaded.
Delete This is a Boolean field that indicates whether the competency should be deleted. If this is set to True, the competency is deleted from the system. If this is set to False, the competency is not deleted. This can only be set to True for a competency that exists within the system and has a valid System ID.
  • This is set to False if blank.
  • This must be one of the following values: True, False, T, F, Yes, No, Y, N, Active, Inactive.

Admin Visibility

The Admin Visibility field enables the administrator to define which administrators are able to view the competency in the Competency Bank and when creating competency models and skills matrix roles. Visibility can be set by organizational unit (OU), Group, or specific users.

The Data Load Wizard does not support updating OU availability fields. Because of this, the Admin Visibility cannot be configured in a competency data load. The following occurs when competencies are loaded:

  • Competency Created - When a new competency is created via the Data Load Wizard, the Admin Visibility for this competency is automatically set to be visible to all employees. To change the administrator visibility for competencies loaded via the Data Load Wizard, administrators must manually set the Admin Visibility within the Competency Bank.
  • Competency Updated - When an existing competency is updated via the Data Load Wizard, the Admin Visibility settings are not updated. The existing settings are maintained.

Active Checkbox

An Active field enables administrators to define the Active status for the competency. When a competency is inactive, it cannot be added to new skills matrix roles and competency models. However, inactive competencies are still available in any competency model, competency assessment, performance review, skills matrix role, or any other place that it is in use by a user. Also, inactive competencies are available in reporting and when selecting competencies from an existing competency model. For example, a Competency performance review section can be configured to allow users to select competencies from a competency model. If inactive competencies exist in the competency model, then they can still be selected.

When loading competencies via the Data Load Wizard, the competency will be loaded to an Active status. The Data Load Wizard does not support loading competencies to an inactive status. To update the status of a competency created via the Data Load Wizard, administrators must manually deselect the Active checkbox for the competency within the Competency Bank.