Manage Templates

The Manage Templates page enables administrators to manage the templates that have been added via the Data Load Wizard.

To manage data load templates, go to Admin > Configuration Tools > Data Load Wizard. Then click the Manage Templates link.

To search for an existing template, enter the template name in the Search field, select the appropriate template type from the drop-down list, select the template language, and click the Search button. To display archived data loads or only templates that you have created, select the appropriate search filter options. The page refreshes to display only templates that match the search criteria and search filters.

The template table displays the following information:

  • Template Name
  • File Template
  • Language
  • Template Owner
  • Last Edit Date/Time

The following options are available in the Details and Archive columns:

  • Preview - Click to preview the template in a pop-up window.
  • Export to Excel - Click to export the template to Excel.
  • Archive - Click to archive a template if it is no longer being used.