Compensation Feed - Step 5 - Monitor and Manage Feed

After the compensation data files are validated and the compensation feed is configured and scheduled, the compensation feed can be monitored and managed on the Feed Summary page.

To view and manage data feeds, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Data Load Wizard. Then, click the Configure Feed link.

The following information is displayed for the compensation data feed:

  • Feed Name - This displays the feed name, which was specified on the Feed Configuration page. Click the feed name to edit the feed configuration. See Compensation Feed - Step 3 - Configure Data Feed.
  • Feed Type - This displays the data feed type.
  • Feed Status - This displays whether the data feed is active (actively being processed) or inactive (disabled). The feed status can be modified by clicking the Enable/Disable Feed icon in the Options column.
  • Next Run Time - This displays the date and time at which the data feed will next process.
  • Last Run Time - This displays the date and time at which the data feed was last processed.
  • Last Run Result - This displays the result that occurred the last time the data feed was processed.
  • Last Modified On - This displays the date and time at which the data feed configuration or schedule were last modified.
  • Last Modified By - This displays the name of the user who last modified the data feed.

The following options are available in the Options column:

  • Run Feed Now - Click this icon to immediately process the data feed. Selecting this option does not impact the Next Run Time value. Note: Use this option cautiously. If the data feed is processed multiple times in a short period of time, data feed performance issues may occur.
  • Enable/Disable Feed - Click this icon to enable or disable the data feed. The current feed status is displayed in the Feed Status column.