GDPR Compliance in Planning

Headcount Planning is compliant with GDPR by automatically scanning and anonymizing relevant user data.

Prior to compliance, Headcount Planning did not have anonymization or data deletion functionality and was not able to remove user data as required by GDPR. The Planning application can now allow clients to remove user data, as required by GDPR.

Anonymization Notes

The process for anonymizing data will be as follows:

  1. The data that is anonymized is the User First Name and User Last Name.
  2. The system User ID can be retained, but any user ID that has been shown to users in the Planning application.
  3. Position attributes, such as Country, can be retained because they are attached to the Position-seat and not the user.
  4. The user names associated with subplan comments are anonymized, but the comments themselves are not deleted or anonymized.


When reporting on Planning data, incumbent names for users who were anonymized are not included in the export of the Planning data.


For portals using Headcount Planning, this functionality is automatically enabled.

Note: Headcount Planning is available by request at an additional cost. Contact your Client Executive for additional information.