Cornerstone Xplor - Overview

Cornerstone Xplor is a one-stop destination for curated, personalized content that helps employees design their own pathway to success.

With Cornerstone Xplor, users can:

  • Deepen purpose with meaningful career development
  • Provide hyper-personalized development pathways for skill building
  • Enable fluid team learning and collaboration
  • Drive growth outcomes with insights into what is and isn’t working
  • Weave continual growth into everyday productivity tools
  • Understand the full range of capabilities for each employee
  • Improve development efficiency with modern content
  • Scale and deepen their learning data library
  • Plug and play with an open architecture designed to connect to any ecosystem

Learners can identify a realistic pathway for advancement and view the content they need to reach their career goals through self-directed learning intertwined with the context of their job. Users can continually self-assess their skills, so they can see their tangible progression and regular improvements to the content recommendations.

Cornerstone Xplor Resources

See the Cornerstone Xplor Adoption Kit in the Cornerstone Success Center for additional information.