Mobile Device Management - Configuration File

The Cornerstone Mobile app was removed from the Apple App and Google Play stores on April 30, 2020. The app will be deprecated in August 2020 and will no longer function for users if opened following its deprecation in August. Users can download and use the new Cornerstone Learn app from both the Apple App store and the Google Play store.

A custom configuration file can be uploaded via a Mobile Device Management (MDM) provider for iOS devices. In the configuration file, administrators can customize the following items for the Cornerstone Mobile® app:

  • Login page button colors
  • Login page background colors
  • Localized language on login pages
  • Corporation name on login pages
  • Disable/enable mobile offline learning

By default, the online system configurations are used for the mobile application. The custom configuration file overwrites the configurations that are used for the mobile app.

This requires organizations to download a configuration file, which is available by clicking here. A custom configuration file must have a .plist extension (e.g., CustomConfiguration.plist).

The "key" fields in the configuration file cannot be modified. If these fields are modified, then the default setting from the system will apply to the mobile app. The "string" fields are the only fields that can be modified. If modifications to the "string" field are not properly formatted, then the default setting from the system will apply to the mobile app.

The following fields can be used in the custom configuration file:

Field Name Field Usage
corp <key>corp</key>
language <key>language</key>
disableMobileOfflineLearning <key>disableMobileOfflineLearning</key>
homeButtonColor <key>homeButtonColor</key>
homeBGColor <key>homeBGColor</key>
LOGIN PAGE (Username/Password Page)
loginButtonColor <key>loginButtonColor</key>
loginBGColor <key>loginBGColor</key>
ssoButtonColor <key>ssoButtonColor</key>
ssoBGColor <key>ssoBGColor</key>
drButtonColor <key>drButtonColor</key>
drBGColor <key>drBGColor</key>
drLoginButtonColor <key>drLoginButtonColor</key>
drLoginBGColor <key>drLoginBGColor</key>