iOS Learn App - Usability Features

The following key Apple usability features are included in the Cornerstone Learn app:

  • Built-in system fonts
  • Dynamic type sizes
  • Multitasking
  • Links menu

Built-in System Fonts

The Learn app has implemented Apple's built-in fonts, which the app to apply the same size classes, font types, and colors consistently throughout the application. It also enables the application to support Dynamic Size Types, allowing users who utilize large text or bold text on their iOS device to see these text changes in the Learn App.

Dynamic Type Sizes

The Learn app supports Dynamic Type, which provides additional flexibility by allowing app users to choose their preferred text size via their iOS device settings. The Learn app supports both larger accessibility text sizes and bold text.


Slide Over and Split View has been enabled for Learn app iPad users, allowing users to use the Learn app simultaneously with other applications that support the same features.

Links Menu

A Links navigation link is located in the upper-left corner of the Cornerstone Learn app, allowing users to intuitively navigate the app.

When tapped, the Links link opens a tableview of any configured custom links, in addition to the Give Feedback link.

Picture in Picture (PIP) Functionality

Picture in Picture (PIP) functionality was made available for iPads. Users can initiate PIP when viewing a video learning object (LO). All Learn app functionality is disabled while PIP is active. Users can traverse other apps while the video LO continues to play in a small window. After exiting PIP mode, all app functionality is re-enabled.


The following considerations apply to PIP functionality:

  • The following file types are supported for Picture in Picture: .mpg, .mpeg, .wmv, .flv, .m4v, .mp4.
  • PIP is enabled by tapping the PIP icon in the left-hand corner of a Video


The following exclusions apply to PIP functionality:

  • Videos with a YouTube URL source are not supported
  • Online courses are not supported; this feature is only enabled for video LOs.

Picture in Picture Split Screen

Picture in Picture