Cornerstone CSX iOS App - View Curricula

When a user navigates to Learning Search or Learner Home within the Cornerstone CSX app, the user can access the Curriculum Details page for the curriculum and both view and take action on child training items contained within the curriculum, even if the curriculum itself is not on their transcript.

Curriculum Courses

When a user taps a curriculum within the Cornerstone CSX app, they are navigated to the Curriculum Details page for the curriculum, which contains two tabs: Details and Courses. To view the structure of the curriculum and the training contained in the curriculum, tap the Courses tab.


On the Courses tab, each section of the curriculum displays. The user can view the full curriculum structure, provided all the child training within the curriculum is supported by the Cornerstone CSX app.

The user can tap a section to view the child training items contained in that section. If a section of the curriculum has already been completed by the user, the section shows a status of Completed. If the section has not been completed, no progress information displays. Even if the curriculum is not on the user's transcript, the user can perform available actions on the training contained within the curriculum, such as requesting the training.

The following supported training items can be accessed from within a curriculum:

  • Online Courses
  • Materials
  • Videos

The following information displays for each child training item:

  • Training Title
  • Training Type (i.e. online course, material, video)
  • Image Thumbnail

If a child training item within a curriculum is already on the user's transcript, when the user views the child training from within the curriculum, a message displays with the training stating, "This item is already on your transcript."

Note: The curriculum structure respects the Mobile Enabled filter, meaning that if this filter is enabled, the user will only see mobile-enabled training on the Courses page.