Cornerstone CSX iOS App - Approvals Tab

Users with permission to manage training approval requests have access to an Approvals tab on the Cornerstone CSX app. To access the Approvals tab, tap the Approvals icon at the bottom of the app. In addition, a red notification displays on the Approvals tab with the number of outstanding approval requests that are waiting for review.

The Approval icon appears in the navigation tray at the bottom of the screen on iOS devices.

  • Users only see the Approval icon if they have the relevant approval permissions.
  • If a user has pending approval requests, the Approval icon is enumerated in red with the corresponding number. If a user has more than 99 approvals, 99+ displays.


On the Approvals tab, a scrollable list of pending approval requests displays. Each approval request displays with the following information and options:

  • User profile photo - The profile photo of the user who made the request, or the default profile photo image if the user has not configured a profile photo
  • User full name - The user's first and last name
  • Training thumbnail image - The thumbnail image associated with the requested training item. Note: If a thumbnail image does not exist in the Course Catalog for a training item, the image set via Default Training Image Preferences for the training type will be used as the thumbnail image for the training.
  • Training title - The title of the requested training item
  • Training type - The type of training that was requested (i.e. online course, material, curriculum, etc.)
  • Price - The price of the training, if applicable
  • Training Purpose - The training purpose associated with the requested training, if applicable
  • Description - The first four lines of the training description display in plain text. If the description is longer, it will be truncated. Approvers can tap the description and be navigated to the Training Details page of the training, where they can read the full description.
  • Requested Date - The date on which the user requested the training item
  • Request Management Options - The following options are available for each approval request:
    • Approve - Tap the Approve option to approve the request. The user can then register for and take the training.
    • Deny - Tap the Deny option to deny the request. The user will not be able to register for or take the training.
    • Defer - Tap the Defer option to defer the request. If the approver defers the request, the next approver in the workflow will receive the approval request.

After tapping a request management option, a Comment field appears, allowing the approver to provide an optional comment explaining their decision, if needed. Comments display in the Approval History section on the Training Details page of the user's transcript.