Cornerstone CSX App - Notification Center

Cornerstone introduces the Notification Center for the Cornerstone CSX App. By selecting the bell icon on a device's home screen, the Notification List screen opens to display all received and unattended notifications. Selecting any notification in the list opens its details.

The Notification Center also provides the following:

  • An unread notification count in the top bar
  • A red dot that indicates unread notifications
  • A "Mark all as read" option
  • For each notification, an option to mark the specific message read or unread


The learner can enable and disable the DND setting for push notifications in the Cornerstone CSX App settings.

Additionally, managers can use the Notification Center to:

  • Approve, reject, and defer training
  • Add approval comments

The Notification Center helps manage all push notifications and categories them according to type and event.


  • Push notification support is limited to the five currently supported notifications:
    • Training is Approved
    • Training is Assigned
    • Training is Denied
    • Training Has Due Date
    • Training is Requested
  • If more than one user is logged into the app, notifications are not be received and the count is not updated.