Cornerstone CSX App - Download Learning

If offline content has been enabled in the portal and an online course has been made available offline, users of the Cornerstone CSX app can download the training and then complete it without needing access to an internet connection, as long as they have the Offline Content permission. This functionality is available to both users of the iOS version of the app and users of the Android version of the app.

Most video formats can be downloaded, but only ".mp4" and ".m4v" can be played inline. Other formats must be opened in external apps that support video playback.


Training that is available for download via the Cornerstone CSX app can be downloaded either from the Home page for the training or from the My Learning page.

To download a training item tap the Download button at the bottom of the screen. Once the course has finished downloading, a confirmation displays under the training status in the Training Details. All downloaded training items also display on the New Downloads page, which can be accessed through the main navigation of the Cornerstone CSX app. The next time an internet connection is available, any training progress the user has made on the course will be synced with the user's transcript in the Cornerstone CSX app. Note: Only courses and materials that have been made available to download by an administrator can be downloaded from the app.


If a training item does not download successfully, a red error icon displays next to the training. The user can tap the error icon to see an alert describing the error. The user can then either retry the download or cancel their download. If the error persists, there may be an issue with the course and the user should contact their learning administrator.


The following considerations apply to this functionality:

  • Only SCORM Online Courses are available for download.
  • In order to log into the Cornerstone CSX app without an internet connection, a user must have performed a successful previous online login using their username and password. Note: Offline login via SSO is not currently supported.
  • Materials uploaded with a source that is a YouTube URL are not available for download, as this violates YouTube's Terms of Service.
  • Materials uploaded with a source that is a URL that requires the user to authenticate before accessing, such as an Excel document hosted on OneDrive or GoogleDrive, are not available for download.
  • Materials uploaded with a source that is a .zip file are not available for download.

  • Materials uploaded with no source are not available for download.

  • The following material file types can be made available for download and offline consumption:

    • doc
    • docx
    • gif.
    • jpeg
    • jpg
    • pdf
    • pps
    • ppsx
    • ppt
    • pptx
    • xls
    • xlsx

    Download Materials FAQ

    Q: Can a user mark a material complete while offline?

    A: No, a user must first regain connectivity. Once they log into the Cornerstone CSX app with an internet connection, they will have access to the Mark Complete action for the material.

    Q: What completion date will be reflected for materials launched offline?

    A: The date and time that the user taps the Mark Complete action after logging into the Cornerstone CSX app with an internet connection will be reflected as the material's completion date.

    Q: Can I configure materials to be mobile enabled and available for download during the material creation process?

    A: No, these settings must be enabled after the material is created via the Course Catalog.