Cornerstone CSX App - Overview

The Cornerstone CSX app provides learners with a fast, modern, and intuitive mobile learning experience.

Using the Cornerstone CSX app, mobile learners can interact with the following learning features:

  • Learner Home
  • Learning Search
  • Learning Transcript

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Log In

Laurence's iPhone displays content in French, but she works at a Santa Monica office, so her company's learning portal language is English. She just installed the Cornerstone CSX app and opens it, and the Log In screen is in French, like her device. She logs into the application with her credentials and receives a prompt to enable Touch ID, which she does.

Once Laurence has logged into the app, she is notified that a new language has been detected, and she needs to close the app and restart it in order to view the app in her company portal's language. She closes the message and notes that her system tabs are in French, but her training tiles are in English, so she closes the app and restarts it.

When Laurence logs into the Cornerstone CSX app again, everything in the application, including training tiles, tabs, and links, are in English.

Use Case 2: Learner Home

John opens the Cornerstone CSX app on his iPhone 8, and the first thing he sees is his company's marketing banner. Below that, he sees a welcome message and his training metrics, which quickly show him the general status of training items on his transcript. When scrolling down the page, he sees carousels with training content recommended for him. The carousel order and availability respect the learning administrator's configurations, but the content itself is powered by machine learning. Because he can only see mobile training on the carousels, he can interact with all the training he sees by requesting, launching, and saving a training for later.

Use Case 3: Learning Search

Mike wants to find a course on leadership that he can take in less than fifteen minutes. He taps on the Search bar in his Cornerstone CSX app and taps Enter on his mobile keyboard. Because he ran a blank search, up to 50 mobile training items available to him display in search results. He taps on the filter icon and decides to filter for courses under fifteen minutes, which causes only 123 courses to display in search results. He selects a subject filter as well, and twenty-three results are returned this time. On the search results page, he can see twenty-three mobile training items related to the Leadership subject that are shorter than fifteen minutes.

Use Case 4: Transcript

Mark visits the Transcript page of the Cornerstone CSX app, and the first thing he sees is the Continue Learning carousel, with the last course he opened in the first slot in the carousel. Scrolling down, he sees all the active mobile-enabled training on his transcript. He can launch an items, mark items complete, and view the Training Details pages for training items. After completing training, he can view completed training items on the Completed transcript page in the application.


  • The Cornerstone CSX app is available for iOS and Android.
  • Access to the app and all pages inside it is controlled by the Enable Mobile Access checkbox on the Mobile Preferences page. Any users included in an organizational unit (OU) configured to allow mobile access can navigate to any page in the app, even if they do not have permission to access the desktop version of these pages. See Mobile Preferences.
  • The corporate color and logo of the Cornerstone CSX app can be customized via Mobile Preferences. See Mobile Preferences.
  • Only online courses, materials, and videos can be launched inside the app. Items that are not mobile-enabled are hidden by default, but the user can choose to see them by toggling the Mobile switch to the Off position in the app settings.
  • Cornerstone CSX is supported by the following devices and operating systems:
    • Cornerstone supports the native mobile application for the three most recent versions of Android and the most recent versions of iOS. In order to use the Cornerstone CSX app, users' devices must use one of the three most recent versions of Android or the most recent version of iOS.

Documentation Overview

Click the links below to access documentation for each section of the Cornerstone iOS CSX app:

Click the links below to access documentation for each section of the Cornerstone Android CSX app: