Cornerstone CSX App - Observation Checklists

The Cornerstone CSX App includes an Observation Checklist feature, facilitating seamless assessments and accessing employees' skills and competencies, even in remote locations with limited or no internet connectivity. This functionality empowers organizations to ensure comprehensive evaluation and documentation regardless of the working environment.

Offline Mode Support

  • User Checklist Management and Checklist Summary Modules - Users can access Observation Checklists offline, including checklist items, criteria, descriptions, and attachments. This comprehensive offline access ensures that users have all necessary information readily available, even without an internet connection.
  • Checklist Updates - Validators can update checklists, add notes, and revise assessments even offline. This ensures that assessments remain dynamic and up-to-date, regardless of the user's connectivity status.
  • Offline Mode for Observation Checklists - Observation checklists can be utilized offline, allowing users to conduct assessments regardless of internet availability. The app automatically synchronizes offline checklist data with the central server once the user reestablishes an internet connection, ensuring data consistency and integrity.
  • Offline Mode Indicator - Visual indicators in the app inform users when they are operating offline. The app provides clear guidance on syncing data once back online, ensuring a seamless transition between offline and online modes.

Checklists Page

The Checklists page can be accessed by selecting the More menu and selecting Observation Checklists.

Checklist Details

When viewing the checklist details, observers can add observation notes from the Observation Notes tab or assess competencies from the Competencies tab.