Cornerstone CSX Android App - Settings

The Settings page of the Cornerstone CSX app allows mobile learners to:

  • Log out of the Cornerstone CSX app.
  • Choose to see non mobile-enabled training in the app
  • Enable PIN code
  • View the Privacy Policy
  • Deregister your account from your device

Access the Settings page by tapping the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen.

Show Only Mobile Training

To see non-mobile content in the app, toggle the Show Only Mobile Training switch to the Off position. This selection will be saved for future log ins.

Enable Biometrics

To disable or enable fingerprint or Face ID, toggle the Enable Biometrics switch to the Off or On position, respectively. The default selection is based on the user’s choice after first logging into the app and selecting initial options.

Enable PIN Code

To enable or disable a PIN code, toggle the Enable PIN Code switch to the On or Off position, respectively. Users can create a six digit PIN Code which they will be prompted for each time they log into the Cornerstone CSX app. After configuring a PIN, the user will be prompted for that PIN each time they log into the app, unless the user changes their authentication method.

The app provides weak PIN detection, with a pop-up that prompts users to use a stronger PIN. Criteria that will flag a PIN as weak:

  • Less than three unique characters (e.g. PIN that uses only two numbers, such as 343344)
  • Using four numbers that are in subsequent order (e.g 1234XX or X1234X or XX4567)
  • Using four numbers in backwards subsequent order (e.g. XX4321 or 4321XX)

Note: There is a 30 minute device lockout after five unsuccessful PIN attempts.

Privacy Policy

Click the Privacy Policy link to view the Cornerstone CSX app privacy policy.


The Version section displays the version of the app you are using.

Picture in Picture Display

Android users can initiate Picture In Picture (PIP) when viewing video training items by tapping the Home button on their Android device. All Android device types support PIP functionality. All Cornerstone CSX app functionality is disabled while PIP is active. After exiting PIP mode, all app functionality is re-enabled.

PIP Considerations

The following considerations apply to this feature:

  • PIP is supported for Android version 7 and above
  • The following file types are supported for Picture in Picture: .mpg, .mpeg, .wmv, .flv, .m4v, .mp4.

PIP Exclusions

The following exclusions apply to this feature:

  • Videos with a YouTube URL source are not supported
  • Online courses are not supported; this feature is only enabled for video LOs.