Cornerstone CSX Android App - Learning Search

At the top of every page in the Cornerstone CSX app, a Search icon allows users to open a search box and search for specific learning using powerful search technology. Users can enter words relating to the following training attributes into the search box to receive relevant training results that are sorted by relevance:

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Description

Note: The permission to access Learner Home is NOT required in order to access Learning Search in the app.

Search Training

To search for training in the Cornerstone CSX app:

  1. Enter a search term or phrase into the search box and press the Enter key on your phone keyboard. A maximum of 50 search results can be returned.
  2. Peruse the results which display on the Learning Search page and use the available filters to receive more specific training results, if necessary. Search results are separated into two sections: In Your Transcript, which shows relevant training results which are already on your transcript, and Available, which shows training that is available to you and not already on your transcript. In each section, search results are sorted by relevance, and text queries are matched with content title, descriptions, and keywords.

Each training result displays with a thumbnail image, the training type, the title of the training, and the duration, if applicable. If the training is on the user's transcript, the status of the training item displays under the training title. Tap a training result to access the Training Details page for the training.

If the training is already on the user's transcript, and the training is an online course, material, or video, a play icon displays over the training's thumbnail image, and tapping the training thumbnail image launches the training. Training that is on the user's transcript can also be launched by tapping the Play icon over the training's thumbnail image or by navigating to the Training Details page for the item.

Mobile Enabled Icon

When viewing training items in search results or on the transcript in the Cornerstone CSX app, mobile-enabled training tiles display with a Mobile-Enabled icon, allowing users to quickly determine which training is best to take using their mobile device.

Training Options

Tap on the training item to access the Training Details page for the item. Training Details page provides access to information for the training item, including its title, duration, price, languages, description, and more.

The following options may be available, depending on the training type and the current status of the training:

  • Primary Transcript Action - The current primary action on the user’s transcript for the specific training item displays in the menu. For example, if the primary training action is Launch, the user can tap Launch to open the training.
  • Secondary Transcript Actions - Any other transcript actions available to the user for the training item appear in the list of options and allow the user to perform the associated action on the training. See Transcript (Universal Profile) - Status and Options.Note: Tapping some transcript actions causes the user to be redirected to their learning transcript.
  • Save for Later - Tap this option to add the training to the Saved for Later carousel on Learner Home. This option is only available if the training is NOT currently contained in the Saved for Later carousel.
  • Remove from Saved - Tap this option to remove the training item from the Saved for Later carousel on Learner Home. This option is only available if the training is currently contained in the Saved for Later carousel.


Users can filter the training results that appear by clicking the Filter icon in the upper-right corner of the search results page. The following filters are available:

  • Training Type
  • Duration
  • Subject
  • Language

To apply a filter to your training search results, toggle a filter option to the On position or select a filter option from the drop-down, depending on the filter type. The blue button at the bottom of the screen displays text stating, "See [X] Results," X being the number of search results which meet the currently selected search criteria and search filters.

View the table below for more information about the available filters:


Selection Type

Options Additional notes
Training Type Multi-select toggles
  • Curriculum
  • Event
  • Library
  • Material
  • Online Class
  • Program
  • Quick Course
  • Test
  • Video
Type options display based on the entered search terms, meaning that if, for example, no curricula meet the user's search criteria, the Curriculum filter option does not display.

Drop-down menu

  • Any Duration (default)
  • < 15 minutes
  • < 30 minutes
  • < 1 hour
  • < 2 hours
  • 2 + hours
Duration options display based on the entered search terms, meaning that if no training that meets a user's search criteria has a duration of greater than two hours, then the 2+ hours filter option doesn't display.
Subject Multi-select toggles The top ten subjects related to the search result display, all unselected by default If no training that meets the user's search criteria has an associated subject, the subject filter does not display.
Language Multi-select toggles Languages related to the search results display alphabetically, all unselected by default Language options display based off the text query (e.g. if no training returned in the results has an Available Language of 'Spanish', then 'Spanish' wouldn't display as a language option). The language filter will not display if only 1 language matches the training returned in the results (e.g. all training returned in the results has a language of 'English (US)', then the language filter won't display) When many, many languages are displayed, a scroll-bar will appear within the section.

To remove all filters from the search, tap the Reset link in the upper-right corner of the screen.

To exit the filters panel, click the X icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.