Trust Site

The Cornerstone Trust Site provides the ability to view Cornerstone OnDemand's global system status. The performance dashboard displays real-time system status by SwimlaneClosed A swimlane refers to the server on which your organization's portal resides. There are swimlanes dedicated for different environments, which are Production, Pilot, and Stage. Thus, each environment has its own swimlane. and is updated to reflect any production issues.

Trust Site displays the occurrence of an incident within 10 minutes of the incident.

Trust Site can be accessed in the following manners:

  • Go to
  • Within the Success Center, go to Learn > Resources. Then, click the Trust Cornerstone widget at the bottom of the page.

Subscribe to Updates

Select the Subscribe to Updates button at the top of the page to receive regular status updates.

System Dashboard

On the System Dashboard, the status of each swimlane is displayed for the past 90 days, including the current system status.

The following information is displayed for each swimlane:

  • Swimlane - The swimlane name is displayed above the status.
  • Current Status - The Current Status displays the most recent system conditions. If an incident occurs or is resolved, the current status of a swimlane is updated within 10 minutes of the incident or the incident resolution.
  • Historical Statuses - The status of each swimlane for the past 90 days is displayed.

View Status Details

Hover the cursor over a status bar to view the system availability that corresponds with the status. Click a status bar to view any available details on the swimlane status.

Scheduled Maintenance

This section displays any upcoming or recent scheduled maintenance.

Past Incidents

This section displays any issues that have occurred and any information associated with the issues.