Security Health Check - Resolve a Security Setting

The Security Health Check tool enables customers to view and manage their portal’s security settings. Administrators can resolve any security issues that are displayed in this tool.

Administrators can only change the value for security issues, which are security settings that are in a critical or warning status. Further, administrators can only change security settings to the Cornerstone recommended value. To change a value for a non-security issue or to change a setting to a non-recommended value, administrators must contact customer support.

To resolve a security setting, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Security Health Check. Then, select the Resolve link for a recommended action. The Security Issue flyout opens. Select the Edit button to change the setting value.

Best Practices

  • Organizations should consult with their IT Security team and test in Pilot and Stage environments before making any updates to security settings in the Production environment.
  • Cornerstone maintains recommended values for portal security. Depending upon an organization’s portal configuration (ie: custom coding, scripts, etc), updating a setting to the Cornerstone recommended value may impact portal functionality (ie: custom HTML links, etc).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)