Point-in-Time Headcount Details Report

The Point-in-Time Headcount report enables administrators to retrieve and view employee records on any specified date. By default, all active employee records for the specified date are exported to a .csv file in comma delimited or pipe delimited format. Inactive employees may be included in the export if desired. The employee’s status is based on the selected date. This is the preferred report for historical and trend reporting.

The output of the Point-In-Time Headcount report is limited to filtering by active status and is unconstrained. Filtering and analysis are meant to take place in the application where you downloaded the data.

The Point-In-Time Headcount report is built around effective dated fields. It returns all effective dated standard fields and all custom fields except Secure & Encrypted. The report also includes the most used non-effective dated fields. Click here to view a list of the effective and non-effective fields in the headcount report.

You can perform the following tasks:

To access the Point-in-Time Headcount page, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Point-in-time headcount.

My Exports Table

The My Exports table displays the 20 most recent exports. The table displays the following information for each export:

  • Date Created - The date and time the data was requested.
  • Export Name - The name of the exported file. There may be several files listed. The format is: Employees_YYYY_MM_DD.
  • Record Count - The number of exported user records.
  • Job Status - The status of the export. Options are:
    • Complete - The export job is done and can be downloaded or re-run.
    • Estimated Time - The export is in progress. This job can be canceled if necessary.
    • Failed - The export did not complete, and an error message may appear. This job can be re-run.
    • Queued - The export is submitted but cannot begin until a previously submitted export is done.

Create an Export File

Use the Create Export button to export headcount details to a .csv file. If the records exceed 1 million rows, the files are separated into multiple files.

Note: If this is the very first export, the Point-in-Time Headcount page appears empty with only the Create Export button visible.

Export headcount details

  1. Click the Create Export button. The Create Export fly-out opens.

  1. In the Date of Employee Records field, select the appropriate date from which you want to view employee record data. No records will be returned for dates prior to when the effective date was turned on.
  2. In the Employee Status field, select the type of employees to include in the export. Options are:
    • Active Employees Only - Click to export only active employees.
    • Active and Inactive Employees - Click to export active and inactive employees.
  3. In the File Format field, select the appropriate format for the report output file:
    • CSV - Comma Delimited - Data is separated by a comma.
    • CSV - Pipe Delimited - Data is separated by a pipe ( | ).
  4. Click the Create button. When the export is done, the Job Status changes to Complete and the Re-Run and Download options appear on the main page.

Download Exported Data

Click Download to download the exported .csv data to a location of your choiceSee Download Exported Data.

The downloaded report includes effective dated fields and non-effective dated fields.

Re-Run an Export File

Click Re-Run to export the data again. If you want to view the re-run files, click Download.


Click Cancel to stop exports that are in Queued or Running status.